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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Client History


Shoes on a Shoestring
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Shoes on a Shoestring

Circa 2001

Shoes on a Shoestring is an Albuquerque Shoe retailer that sells shoes at discounted prices. They came to us with a need to modify an Excel spreadsheet that was core to their business revenue model.


Problem: Shoes on a Shoestring found that certain calculations on a complex spreadsheet were not meeting the changes to their revenue model as expected. They needed this application modified while at the same time not letting anyone (including us) see the entire application.

Solution: Their office manager who was familiar with the workings of Excel extracted the sheets of this application that were relevant to the changes needed. The plan is that we would make these changes, test them for correct results according to their requirements and then give them the sheets back to be re-inserted into the application.

Not a big deal, but it does show that we do Office automation projects. If you have a project in mind that involves office, please contact us, we are interested.  

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