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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Client History


DaSilveria Southwest Inc.
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DaSilveria Southwest Inc.

Circa 2000

DaSilveria Southwest Inc., is a manufacturing company that specializes on portable fencing and Stanchions for cattle and dairy farmers.

The Problem: DaSilvera was interested in further automating their custom product manufacturing process. They needed to have a system that would manipulate AutoCAD doing the calculations for custom designed products in real-time and finally produce the output to drive their CNC based manufacturing process.


The Solution we wrote an application in VB6 that provided Dasilvera the real-time quotes that they needed to provide potential clients wanting to make a custom order with actual costs as the design was created. The Application interfaced with AutoCAD through a COM based API, automatically making the drawings from preselected formulas ready for the CNC process should the potential client agree to the pricing.

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