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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Client History


Black Law Students of America -Case Western Reserve Branch
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Black Law Students of America -Case Western Reserve Branch

Circa 2001

One day a representative of the Black Laws Students of America Case Western Reserve Branch came into our office with a unique problem to resolve. If you are wondering how a Case Western Reserve representative ended up in our Albuquerque office, it turned out that she lived in Albuquerque but was attending Case Western Reserve Law School.  It seems that this branch hosted some sort of interviewing process for black law students wherein they got a chance to interview with potential employers over several days. It was one of their most important events and involved the scheduling of student interviews and room allocations for potential employers.

The Problem: The manual system for this scheduling was become overburdensome and unmanageable. They needed a system that would allow them to manage the interviewing schedules including last minute changes in room and/or student availability.

The Solution: A VB 6 application that provided a calendar like interface showing dates and room availability. From that interface they could drill down to the students to see who wanted to interview with who and schedule the student for the right time at the right room. It allowed for rescheduling and room changes. Students and Interviewers would be kept up to date about relevant scheduling through Emails.


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