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Friday, January 24, 2020

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Structured Management Systems

EnergyElite back office software offers our customers a wide range of industry specific solutions, including Wholesale (Rack and Delivered), Retail, C-Store, Lubricants, Service, Cardlock and Interfaces, just to name a few. These modules are fully integrated with our core fiscal application, the General Ledger. All SMS EnergyElite applications are created using advanced 4GL development technology from Progress Software Corporation.

MCSI was approached to create a Browser base user interface for ther EnergyElite back office software.

The Problem: SMS's EnergyElite back office software at the time was a green screen VT-100 terminal based application. SMS was getting pressure from it's clients for a more modern UI from which navigation of the back office application capabilities could more easily be accessed. At the same time, some of their clients wanted an API that would allow them to create consumer facing applications. SMS had a strong cultural aversion to Microsoft products and was insisting that what was built for them would not be tied to a Microsoft Windows desktop in any way. 

The Solution: After exploring possibilities with SMS, we decided upon a Microsoft Silverlight based application that would be able to run in a browser. It was a Microsoft product, but it was the only real solution for what they wanted at the time. We created a prototype for SMS, and upon approval began the development of the actual solution. alas, certain parties within the organization were very upset at the prospect of this application displacing long established protocols that the IT director walked out on the company and would not return until the Silverlight project was abandoned. At almost 80% done and fully functional this was a very disappointing experience for us. We list the SMS project as one of our Failed Projects. It happens, and we believe in this case, the Executives of SMS made a mistake in acquiescing to the IT director’s blackmail antics.


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