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Friday, January 24, 2020

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The American Hospital Association

Ian Ford Sofware sub-contracted MCSI to do this project for them.

The American Hospital Association’s Hospitals & Systems is an application that manages a datastore of Hospitals, executive employees, resources, beds and health care systems associations. At the time we were tasked to do this project the Hospitals & systems was only available on a CD as a proprietary application driven by VB 6.  We were to move the entire application over to the Internet while still maintaining their tight encryption security over their proprietary data.

What we ended up doing was creating an application based upon Microsoft ASP MVC and a proprietary data store based upon an data model that could be queried using Microsoft LINQ. The actual data was stored in a JSON based text file that was encrypted. The only time the data was unencrypted was when the web application was started and the entire JSON file would be read into the model structure and remain in memory allocated by ISS.

Users could easily search the database for specific information and even print out their results in a PDF file.


We also crated a WPF based desktop application that could take their original encrypted CSV files and transform them into our proprietary JSON database so that they could easily keep the data up to date.


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