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Sunday, December 8, 2019

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Preventive Pest Control
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Preventive Pest Control

 circa 2000-2010

Preventive Pest Control is an Albuquerque based company that provides residential and commercial pest control services. Over the years they have expanded to several other cities in multiple states. They have been highly successfulk as a business and have a stellar reputation in their industry.

The Business Problem:  The CEO of Preventive Pest was directed to us by Samantha at  PODS another Software Development company in Albuquerque that felt we were a better fit for Preventive Pest Control's proble,.  They had an ASP classic application that was supposed to manage sales tracking, calculate sales personnel commisions and bonuses and evaluate sales performace in a given market.  It was not working for them, especially their problems with the Microsoft Access database engine locking up and getting corrupted. This Sales Tracking software they considered a vital tool in managing their growth as a business.

The Solution: After examining they current application we recognized what we called the Spagetti Code syndrome as being a prime cause for several issues. But we also recognized that they were using Access in a fashion that really exceeded Access's capabilities, especially in the area of the size of the data being stored and some multi-user issues. MS-Access was intended to be a desktop solution, not a networked multi user RDMS.  

Never the less, the client insisted on staying with MS-Access from a Cost based need and insisted that we make MS-Access work for them. Our solution included the Following:

  • Redesigned the ASP Classic application to act in a more consistan and reliable fashion
  • Reconfigured many math calculations to actually reflect the statisical results they were trying to achieve.
  • Expanded the reporting system for the application
  • Reworked how connections and database schema was implemented with MS-Access to minimize locking issues and lessen the chance of data corruption a common issue with over-worked Access databases.
  • We also remedied the growth in size of the database by automatically deleting aged data that was no longer relevent. Any data that was more than a year old was discarded.

We continued to maintain, improve and expand this application over the years for Preventive Pest Control until 2010 when they adopted some other Commercial off the shelf software that better handled their needs. That's 10 years of use they got out of the package. We are pretty satisfied with that multi-year run for that application.

And oh yeah, see their Logo with the Black Widow?  Jamila Malluf designed that logo for them. It is still in use today.

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