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Sunday, December 8, 2019

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Fresco's Wholsale Jewelry
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Fresco's Wholsale Jewelry

Fresco's Wholsale Jewelry is an organization that specializes in costume and sterling silver jewelry on a wholesale basis. It has always been a small shop run by the amazing personality of its ower, Mike Fresco. This is a person who had a tight handle on purchasing product and wholsaling that product to his business audience. He is a high energy person who manages to keep a keen grasp of the issues concerning his business.

Mike came to us, not surprisingly, with a ASP Classic/Microsoft Access set of issues. ASP Classic and MS Access was really a hit in the Internet world pre-2000. And Fresco's was using this combo to manage and market his business.

The Problem: Fresco's problem was mostly how to reorganize his Access Database to more efficiently handle his inventory, clients and pricing. then integrating his Wholsale website into this database store of information.  

Solution: We normalized the data store, while teaching Mike the finer points about Boyce-Codd normilization theory. We also integrated the ASP Classic siste to display invinetory from a hybrid Access/File system store of images and product information. We also helped implement a point of sale system.

In later years we helped Fresco's to move everything to ASP.Net and SQL-Server resulting in a much improved system with greater performance and reliability.



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