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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Client History


The American Hospital Association

Ian Ford Sofware sub-contracted MCSI to do this project for them.

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Circa 2013-2014

The American Hospital Association’s Hospitals & Systems is an application that manages a datastore of Hospitals, executive employees, resources, beds and health care systems associations. We fulfilled this project requirements as sub-contractors for Iam Ford Software.

Forward Advantage's Communication Director System 4.0

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Circa 2012-2013 (8 mos.)

Foward Adantage's Communications Director 4

Forward Advantage's Communication Director 4, a Microsoft Silverlight based application that utilized SQL-Server as the database backend, Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF), Rich Internet Application (RIA) and Microsoft Entity Framework (EF).

Structured Management Systems

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Circa 2008-2009

EnergyElite back office software offers our customers a wide range of industry specific solutions, including Wholesale (Rack and Delivered), Retail, C-Store, Lubricants, Service, Cardlock and Interfaces, just to name a few. These modules are fully integrated with our core fiscal application, the General Ledger. All SMS EnergyElite applications are created using advanced 4GL development technology from Progress Software Corporation.

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Cochran Law Firm's Virginia Courts Case Explorer

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Circa 2008-2012

The Virginia Courts Case Explorer (VCCE) was a VB.Net based application that extracted court case information based upon certain criteria. Once extracted the data was used to determine what open cases fit the law firm's business model. T


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