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Friday, January 24, 2020

Client History


Black Law Students of America -Case Western Reserve Branch

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Circa 2001

One day a representative of the Black Laws Students of America Case Western Reserve branch came into our office with a unique problem to resolve. If you are wondering how a Case Western Reserve representative ended up in our Albuquerque office, it turned out that she lived in Albuquerque but was attending Case Western Reserve Law School.It seems that this branch hosted some sort of interviewing process for black law students wherein they got a chance to interview with potential employers over several days. It was one of their most important events and involved the scheduling of student interviews and room allocations for potential employers.


Shoes on a Shoestring

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Circa 2001

Shoes on a Shoestring is an Albuquerque Shoe retailer that sells shoes at discounted prices. They came to us with a need to modify an Excel spreadsheet that was core to their business revenue model.

Fresco's Wholsale Jewelry

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Circa 1998 - 2004

Fresco's Wholsale Jewelry is an organization that specializes in costume and sterling silver jewelry on a wholesale basis. It has always been a small shop run by the amazing personality of its ower, Mike Fresco. This is a person who had a tight handle on purchasing product and wholsaling that product to his business audience. He is a high energy person who manages to keep a keen grasp of the issues concerning his business.

Mike came to us, not surprisingly, with a ASP Classic/Microsoft Access set of issues. ASP Classic and MS Access was really a hit in the Internet world pre-2000. And Fresco's was using this combo to manage and market his business. He has since renamed his organization to New Frescos.

Preventive Pest Control

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circa 2000-2010

Preventive Pest Control is an Albuquerque based company that provides residential and commercial pest control services. Over the years they have expanded to several other cities in multiple states. They have been highly successfulk as a business and have a stellar reputation in their industry.

The CEO of Preventive Pest was directed to us by Samantha at  PODS another Software Development company in Albuquerque that felt we were a better fit for Preventive Pest Control's proble,.  They had an ASP classic application that was supposed to manage sales tracking, calculate sales personnel commisions and bonuses and evaluate sales performace in a given market.  It was not working for them, especially their problems with the Microsoft Access database engine locking up and getting corrupted.



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