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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Cochran Law Firm's Virginia Case File Reserch

Cochran Law Firm's Virginia Case File Reserch

The beginnings of the Virginia Case File Explorer

Author: Host/Monday, August 5, 2013/Categories: ClientPortfolio

The Cochran Law Firm of Richmond, Virginia contacted us about creating an application that would automatically search the Virginia Court System's case files and extract case files that met a certain set of criteria. Ultimately, The Cochran Law firm did not want to commit to a contract to develop the needed application. But they did commit to purchasing a license to such an application if we built it.

We ended up building a Winforms based application that scraped the Virginian Court system's case files based on court and date span.  the resulting Virginia Case File Explorer is basically a standard web bot type of application that specifically targets the detail pages of civil case files.

We now market this application to attorney's who have an interest in researching the Virginia Court's case files in a more efficient manner.


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