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Below you find some general pricing advice to give you an idea of what your costs might be. But be aware that we always give the initial contact one hour of free consulting time. We want to hear what you have to say and perhaps guide you to a studied decision of what you should do. We are not just limited to the categorizations below, we do take on small projects, media projects like video editing, photo editing etc.  

We Do have some Fixed Price Web Packages ranging from $250 to $3500. Click here to see!

We might not even be a good fit for your endeavor or needs at the moment, but we might be able to direct you to someone who is. We don't mind doing that, if you move on with a good impression of us, you might return for some other reason or recommend us to another acquaintence. In any case give us a hollar to see where it goes.


Preliminary Project Estimate



Team Size: 2 People

Schedule: 1 to 2 weeks

Got a new project you want to start? Then this is the engagement for you. We can help you understand the possible strategies that will lead to a successful launch of your project. Learn more about our up front consulting process



Code Audit



Team Size: 2 People

Schedule: 1 to 3 weeks

If you are looking for a team to takeover an existing system, a project rescue, or a remodel, we'll take a look at what you have and give you an honest assesment.


Discovery, Design & Planning

$3K to 100K


Team Size: varies

Schedule: 1 to 8 weeks

This is where your ideas are translated into a business solution. We will spend time with you to dive deep into the business problems you are confronted with.

The result is a plan for your project, complete with:

  • A clear definition of business value
  • Well defined requirements
  • Technical design and architecture
  • End to End UI mockups
  • Project Road Map
  • Time and Cost quote


Development Pricing

In many cases, clients have just enough budget for a "Version 1". this is okay. After we deliver the first phase, you can typically spend some time (3-6 months) getting familiar with the software and integrating it into your work flow. You will almost certainly come back for another round of design and development with a more informed sense of where the seconf phase of the project needs to go.  Below are some yardsticks to give you an idea of the investment you need to make to accomplish your goals. 

Projects Budget Schedule
Proof of Concept, Prototype, single-feature tool or stand alone  $10k to $75k 4 to 12 weeks
Takeover of existing software, project or software "remodel" $50k to $200K 3 to 8 months
Simple tool - a web application or mobile app that handles a few critical features with minimal flexibility. $35k to $175k  2 to 5 months
Commercial grade web or mobile application with a polished interface and more "complete" feature set, this is usually the first phase of a multi-phase project $150k to $350k 5 to 10 months
Adcanced, multi-phase, cross-platform system usually with a third party integrations, many different user types, lots of flexibility and configuration capabilities. $250k to $1M+ 10 to 18 months

In terms of monthly costs, this varies based on how fast you want move and what stage your project is in. In general, you will pay more for speed. This is because to move faster, the team will need more resources.

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