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Do you buy and/or sell Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium. Do you need to know what the spot prices for these precious metals are? Do you need to make a buy or sell offer for these metals? Read on! GoldCalc2 provides the morning London Price Fix out of the box. It also provides a calculator that is excellent for putting together an offer to buy or sell Gold, Silver Platinum or Palladium. Mark up (or down) the Spot price for these metals, add in the total grams in the transaction and the calculator provides the transaction's price and the gain/loss over spot prices. And finally, if you want to text or email that transaction as an offer to buy or sell GoldCalc2 will create the Email or SMS message for you. You only have to add the recipient's address. And if you need up to the minute spot prices, there are subscription options that will provide the market spot prices for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. For your convenience, the trial period for GoldCalc2 will give you full access to the spot price feeds. After that if you wish to continue to get up to the minute spot prices you will have to purchase a subscription.


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