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Friday, January 24, 2020
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MCSI creates Mobile Apps using the Microsoft Xamarin platform.

One Common Code Base can actually target all of these platforms


Microsoft Xamarin for developing Mobile Apps

MCSI creates Mobile Apps using the Microsoft Xamarin platform.

So, you re exploring your options for developing a mobile application. In doing so you need to consider several aspects of what is involved in such a project. This is  actually true of any software project you are considering embarking on.

  • What is your actual vision for this project, what is it you want to accomplish. Believe it or not many projects begin life without this ever being clearly established and is the root cause of many project failures. Part of our process is getting your organization to flesh out a vision statement that clearly establishes what it is that you want to build, why you want to build it and finally do you have a solid business reason and a reasonable expectation of a return on the upcoming project investment you are about to make.  After all, the expected ROI is the very foundation of most projects.  To help you with this, we have an outline for a Vision Statement written in Microsoft Word that we would like you to download and begin filling out. There is no obligation on your part and you are free to take your completed vision statement to any other potential developer for an assessment of your project feasibility.
  • What supporting resources does your project require? In the real world, most mobile apps rely on external resources in order to accomplish their tasks. An examples of this API calls to one or more data services. Are these supporting services already existing or do you have to develop them yourself. Mobile apps usually act as frontend User Interfaces to external services. When considering the lifetime of your mobile app you need to include any related project costs and recurring costs during the life of the mobile App when figuring out your ROI.
  • When do you expect to bring you app to market or distribution? Your timeline will have an effect on your project budget. If you are looking for a fast turnaround on a project with medium complexity it will cost you more because more resources are needed to deliver in you expected timeframe.
  • What technology platforms are you going to build on. The possible technology choices out there are near endless and often confusing. And in may cases if you are expecting to cover at least iOS and Android for your mobile app you are going to have to support two separate projects with completely different codebases. Subsequently you will have to maintain those different code bases for the lifetime of the application. There are other platforms that make combining these two platforms in a single project a little easier, but still there is a wide gulf of separation between them. We are a Microsoft shop. We concentrate on the tools that Microsoft brings to the table. In the case of Mobile App development, there is essentially no other environment that comes even close to the Microsoft Xamarin platform. We cannot say enough about it. What we will do is provide videos below that will give you some insights into what we are talking about. Do your research not just on what we are offering, but also research the alternatives.

When you are ready to make your initial steps in getting started, give us the opportunity to give you an estimate on costs vs delivery expectations.

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