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Friday, January 24, 2020

SQL-Server & Cosmos DB

No matter what kind of application you are planning to implement, the need for a supporting data store is almost always going to be involved. There are a multitude of possibilities that you can rely upon depending on your particular requirements. From a simple XML or JSON based text file to a full blown Relational Database Management System (RDMS) like SQL-Server or to the more recent No-SQL type of datastores like Mongo or Cosmos DB.

It depends upon what your actual data store needs are.  Maybe you are going to rely upon an already existing third part API in which case you do not need to make a data store decision. Or maybe this is a middle tier service that you are going to have to provide thus requiring the implementation of your own data store.  In either case we can help you get there.

Our RDMS of choice is Microsoft’s SQL-Server which we have been working with since 1989, version 1.0 all the way to today with SQL-Server 2017. We have worked with Oracle, Sybase and even Progress but only when our client was already invested in those platforms.

As for a No-SQL data store, we tend towards Cosmos DB another Microsoft offering. Yeah, like we have said elsewhere we are a Microsoft stack kind of shop. What cosmos DB brings to the table is a very flexible platform based upon a pure JSON syntax making the data very portable.

We can model your datastore needs with a plethora of experience in many different industries.

Contact us with your question.

Microsoft Cosmos DB

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