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Friday, January 24, 2020

Web Sites & Web Apps

A little bit of Internet History...

We did our first Web site in 1995. Wow, that was more than 20 years ago. Of course we started out with HTML. CSS came a little later and of course JavaScript and VBScript. As history would have it, Microsoft's VBScript did not succeed as a general purpose browser based language being that only MS-Explorer supported it. As a side note, VBScript had a very successful life as the scripting language for ASP Classic, SQL-Server DTS, and other niche applications.
Ibrahim Malluf's third book, "Special Edition, Using VBScript" was published by Que in 1996.
Until the advent of Microsoft Net, out Internet Development Tools were ASP Classic, Dreamweaver, Front Page, and yes, NotePad! After the advent of the Microsoft Net environment, Visual Studion and ASP.Net we really settled in on ASP.Net as our environment of choice.

We prefer working with Microsoft ASP and ASP/MVC for most applications. We also do Single Page Applications(SPA) using Angular in a ASP/MVC environment. We have developed many enterprise wide browser based applications and small business sites that involved e-commerce, Business to Business or product catalogs. This also included Silverlight based appllications for the petroleum and medical industries.

In one recent case we architected and then help implement a Custom Content Management System basedn on ASP.Net specifically for publishing scientific and medical journals for Silverlight Learning Systems.
Custom Business Apps based on Web Browser technology are a very viable way to go for such applications. But they usually are no less costly than dektop applications. If you need a highly customized presence on the Internet we can provide it for you.
We do recommend though, that you look at our Dot Net Nuke CMS offerings as an alternative to a fully customized system. Much of the basic work like security, navigation etc are already built in. And we do create custom functionality (Custom Modules) that can give your instance of DNN what you need in terms of a custom business apllication.

So if your needs actually require a fully customized Web Browser based application we will reccomend that you use Microsoft's ASP/MVC or the newer ASP/MVC Net Core platform. The Net Core platform is now fully open sourced making it a very attractive choice for your project.

Of course, going this route we are going to recomend that you follow our guidence on the software development process described below to ensure that you have a optimal experience in the development of your application.

Goto DeskTop Development Page for details

We use the Agile Scrum methodology for our development process

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