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Friday, January 24, 2020

Win-10 Desktop Apps

Universal Windows Platform ?


Windows Desktop Application ?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) gives you a foundation that can be migrated to a very wide variety of platforms other than windows. It is based upon the new Net Core initiative and appears to be the future of Windows development.

On the other hand, Widows Desktop apps such as WPF and Winforms give a much more powerful access to the underlying Windows API and a greater freedom of action when designing an Application that is specific to the Windows environment.

The answer to this question, "should you go with UWP, WPF or Winforms ?", really depends upon your specific requirements and your target audience!

The answer will come out clearly during the discovery phase of your software application project. Your best starting point, even before you contact us or any other solution developers is to flesh out a Vision Statement that will give you a context for things like your target audience, business need or problem, a thought out solution to those business needs or problems etc.  We can help you there without any obligation by providing you with a LINK To A Vision Statement template that you can fill out at your convenience. After doing so you can contact us or any other vendor to begin the process of discovery for your potential project.

Discovery is where we begin the process of defining your feature set and their related user stories. There is also the discovery of your business requirements, legal constraints, the actors and stakeholders involved in the proposed business solution and finally wrapping it up in a nice project specification for approval.  At this point you should have an estimate of scope, time and cost. The cost estimate is directly affected by any subsequent changes in scope and/or time so it is important to get the specifications right the first time to avoid unexpected discoveries that can change the specification.  Even so, at this point the cost can vary +-75% with an emphasis on the plus. We want to do the best possible job for you and deliver exactly what you are expecting. So, if you are not interested in pursuing the discovery of a solid solution specification then we can only work under the caveat that you get what we think you want at a cost that is indeterminate.

We use the Agile Scrum methodology for our development process

The Cost  Investment of Discovery

The discovery process for a small to medium business solution or other application can run between 40 and 160 hours. At our rate of $75/hr. this means an investment of $3,000 to $12,000. If you have gotten this far in your search for a solution to your business need/problem solution then we assume that you have completed the Vision Statement and have a grasp of your expected Return on Investment (ROI). You should compare your ROI vs the potential Investment you will have to make to accomplish this ROI.



After Discovery is completed, you should now have an idea of the Scope of your solution and of course an idea of the man-month hours needed to accomplish that scope. Now comes the consederation of just how much effort you are willing to invest in versus your timeline to production. This is usually calculated as an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) which will determine if the investment is worthwhile. If you understand what added business value this project will provide you with over a given time then you can figure out if you should do the project as quick as possible by investing in the effort required for a quick delivery, or if your investment is best done over a longer time period thus providing less of a strain on your cashflow.Even if the IRR shows that you should invest more in the effort for a shorter time to production, your actual cash flows might not allow it. 

You can figure a $12k monthly investment for a slow development process on a 6 month project.

You can also figure on a $24k monthly investment to cut that 6 months to 3 to 3.5 months.


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