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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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The QBOBase Template is an adaption of the Quick Books Oauth2-MVC5-DotnetSampleApp into a MVC5 Project Template with the additional incorporation of the Quick Books Net SDK into the project. I left much of the original Quick Books sample app intact.  What I added to the project was some sample code that utilized the QBO Net SDK.  I retrieve the Company Information for the currently selected company.

This template is definitely in an alpha stage awaiting modifications as I become more acquainted with the QBO Ecosystem. After having developed a code base for future QBO projects I was inspired to share what I had with others just starting out in QBO development.

Its just like any other Visual Studio template.  Just select it, provide the name of your project and the project is created by VS ready to log in to QBO once you have provided some web.config settings.

You must first create an account at Intuit’s developer portal. Then create a QBO application and get the ClientID and ClientSectret keys and add them to the appropriate App Settings in the config file. You also have to declare the redirectURL in your QBO Portal for the application. As currently set the redirectURL in the config file is http://localhost:9193/callback. This could change depending on your own needs.  After doing this, you should be able to log your application into QBO and select one of your sandbox companies. After doing this you should be able to see the company info on the home page of the application. Once you have successfully logged in as described above, you can begin modifying the project for your needs.  Enjoy😊

If you Have comments, suggestions or improvements you would like to share with me then share them with me.

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